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PACT Alumni and Friends


Welcome to PACT’s Alumni and Friends Connection Network!

The PACT Alumni and Friends Connection Network was established to maintain partnership amongst alumni and the community. It encourages alumni and friends to support and promote PACT while providing networking opportunities.

Membership in the PACT Alumni and Friends Connection Network is the best way for you to stay connected to PACT and hear news about events.

As supporters of PACT, alumni and friends play a vital role in helping PACT continue to provide quality services for students in the Bay Area. Membership is free and automatic to all alumni. 

We offer a variety of ways for you to stay connected with your PACT community.

- Get Connected l Get connected with your fellow alumni and friends.

- Get Involved I Get involved in one of our Alumni Sharing programs imPACT Mentoring, Educational Outreach, Scholarship Committee and Giving.

- Give I There are several ways to support PACT and its current and future students, the PACT Scholarship Fund and the PACT Unrestricted Fund.